The WWRC Foundation supports the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, a comprehensive medical and vocational rehabilitation center serving the needs of Virginians with disabilities.Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center staff and clients

People come to the Center from across Virginia because they can get all the services they need in one place, including vocational evaluation, medical treatment, job training, physical therapy, adaptive technology, driving lessons, recreational therapy and independent living assistance.

Although a state facility, the Center has a limited budget which makes it challenging to meet the demand for its specialized programs.

The WWRC Foundation secures funds to supplement the Center’s budget, providing resources for medical and recreational equipment, continuing education for Center staff, student field trips, maintenance of the assessable Star Trail, supplemental staff for programs with waiting lists, and capital improvement projects outside the scope of state funding. The Foundation also provides assistance to students in need, providing interview clothing, travel expenses and other personal needs.

Your gift to the WWRC Foundation will help reduce the waiting list for services at the Center, enhance the student experience, and maintain the Center’s tradition as a national leader in the field of rehabilitation.

Your gift will be an investment in one of the must vulnerable segments of our population, giving them a chance to become self-supporting. With your help, over 3,000 people a year can gain their independence and enter the work force.